OmniOS Package Repository

This repository is dedicated to serve OmniOS packages needed to run a modern file server in a hybrid OS environment.

Release Repository


The release publisher is based on the current OmniOS stable release currently known as r151012. Read-only access is provided via http://scott.mathematik.uni-ulm.de/release. All packages use /usr/local as prefix, so make sure you include that in your path and manpath settings.


Most of the build scripts are not written from scratch but inspired and modeled after the omniti-ms packages or based on the work done in the SFE spec-files-extra project or other illumos based distributions/projects.

Build Scripts

To get access to the used build scripts have a look at the publisher source on github. Have a look at the build branch uulm.mawi at https://github.com/stefri/omnios-build for the most recent source. In case of any bugs or other issues please use the issue tracking faciltity on github to send me a note. In case you've written any nice build scripts that would fit into this repository or if you've corrected some bugs, I'm ready to accept pull request.